Totte, PrototypeRaptor, Amanda Mair

In The Spot
Better be quick about downloading this one. It will max out at a hundred downloads, and it’s already past fifty. Totte, a Swedish Malmö based produced this little bassy beauty. He calls it Future Fidget, a combination of that future Garage/Bass sound and Hip-Hop-ish Fidget House. Call it what you want, great track anyway. Sounds like Totte’s been screwing around with the Kanye’s ‘Touch The Sky’ acapella.

Drive Hard
This track just recently got a lot of traction in the land of blogs, thanks to Et Musique Pour Tous blog. PrototypeRaptor‘s might-be-a-Mord-Fustang-reference ‘Drive Hard’. After checking it out, we established two things. 1. This is a free track. 2. This track is already over seven months old. Still reason enough to also post this track, for the ones who missed out.

Sense & Doubt
This 17-years-old Swedish petite called Amanda Mair is giving away a few tracks through her label Labrador. These tracks are titled ‘Sense’ and ‘Doubt’, both are taken from Mair’s self-titled debut album. This (together with names such as Madeon and Sky Ferreira) is definitely a name to restore your confidence in today’s youth. Oh crap, we just got old while writing that.


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  1. LesCrocs
    April 10, 2012

    Hey guys,

    I like a lot your blog, and I miss these regular updates = (,
    What happened ? did you leave the place ?
    I hope not, you’ve got great tastes !

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