NEW MUSIC: Datarock – Ruffle Shuffle

Norwegian electronic rock formation Datarock is back. Nine years after their last original studio album ‘Red’ – not counting a remix compilation and their ‘The Musical’ detour here – the band is about to release their proper new LP titled ‘Face The Brutality’ on March 9th.

The Norwegian band formed in 2000. Their most famous single to date remains their 2006 ‘Fa-fa-fa’, which got featured in campaigns by Google, Apple, Coca-Cola and different EA Sports games in 2008. Some other well-known Datarock records you might know: Computer Camp Love, Give It Up and True Stories.

The first single from the Norwegian formation’s ‘Face The Brutality’ to get a full release is a excellent ‘Ruffle Shuffle’ – Datarock’s crack at nineties cybergoths and 2016 Instagram shuffle celebrity dance moves. Next to ‘Ruffle Shuffle’, the band is sharing different snippets of new music on their social pages, including these two prequels. Enjoy ‘Ruffle Shuffle’ below.


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