Jackplug’s purpose is to showcase promising new music producers, as well as new work by some already known ones. We try to find and blog about as much good music as we can.

Next to the blog, it’s also possible for beginning artists to get feedback on their music. Send al music through Submithub. Finally, we can provide musicians with video content such as Lyric Video’s. For more info, get in touch through Jackplug Media.

Illicit Content
If there is anything on this site that is yours and you don’t like it there, please send an email to this inbox. Note that content from the embeddable widgets is the responsibility of the original uploader, so be sure you contact the right person or platform.

If you have any other questions, also contact us. Jackplug is an honest blog, anything violating to anyone will be removed (of course, within reason).

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  1. June 22, 2016

    Hey, I tried to submit something to your site but the link didn’t me anywhere, I’ll leave my email on here and a link to my soundcloud. Would really appreciate some feedback on some of my music! Hope you take the time to listen if you get a chance!

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