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TKNIK is a 22-yr-old French producer we found through Monsieur Adi. TKNIK is a pretty broad producer when it comes to style or genre, as long as it’s electronic. On top of that, he produces good original tracks and remixes in a pretty high pace. (more than 10 in the last month.) Over a month ago, he released a remix on Wagon Cookin‘s ‘No Bossy Girl’. Nice and laid back version, essential for your Sunday morning.

You Don’t Know Me
U-Tern (one half of Oliver) posted a new track a few hours ago titled ‘You Don’t Know Me’. To the track he added the message: “Little jam I made last night, enjoy…”. Not sure if we take him for his word. But is he just threw this together overnight, mad respect.

L.A.-based Vagrant Records is presenting a new album by Reptar titled ‘Body Faucet’. The album will be released on the first of may this year. Go to their awesome ancient Windows-styled website and sign up for their mailing list. You’ll get this track below, ‘Sebastian’, for free.

Yeah Yeah
This week BBC’s Annie Mac presented a free track by Willy Moon, a New-Zealand born singer-songwriter residing in London. This track is called ‘Yeah Yeah’, and Annie Mac describes it as ‘old school hip-hop beats and suave rockabilly style’. It is.

Heaven (Rebel Sketchy Breaks Edit)
On to Rebel Sketchy. Hails from London, writes pretty cool Breakbeat tracks/remixes. His latest track on Soundcloud is a take on Emeli Sande’s ‘Heaven’, everybody probably knows that one by know. Good edit, takes a while to build up but worth the wait.

You Don’t Know (ENiGMA Dubz Mix)
ENiGMA Dubz also has a new remix up, on a track we had long forgotten about. Track is titled ‘You Don’t Know’, by the 702. For those of you who don’t remember, 702 is (or used to be) a group of three female vocalists who have been releasing music from 1994 to 2003. Their best known track must have been ‘You Don’t Know’, which is the track ED remixes here.


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