Syze does matter.

Here’s a saying already used way too often: Looks can be deceiving. Sorry, had to use it.

Those sweet looks belong to Ioanna Borovska. Born in Bulgaria, raised in the U.S. She started playing records in the late nineties. She’s been around ever since, making great productions and quite a career as Drum and Bass Dj Syze. The rawness of her productions surpasses Roni, who might have been a relative weren’t his last name spelled with an ‘I’ (and her last name being fictional and all..).

Her latest recording is done alongside Zardonic and is called ‘My Prey’. You decide what’s sweet about this:

Luckily that’s not all. Here some proof of her versatility:


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  1. July 5, 2013

    Syze doesnt matter; is how you use it init babes! haha.

    Hey I just came across your page, You look very interesting!.

    I’m studying music producing at Dbs college in Bristol England. You music is amazing.

    I was just wondering If you could help me with a few things!:)

    add me on facebook! Lance Gingell

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