starRo – Fantasy feat. Bosco

A lot to love about this new starRo & Bosco ‘Fantasy’ song. More beyond it’s smooth production and brilliant vocal track – because both of those already sound really good.

The other thing that works so well has to be the sound at the 2.49 mark. Just imagine a grin on the producer’s face while hearing a drop like this work for the first time. It’s a very good hook, which to be honest is pretty rare in new releases. But that 2.49 mark probably will be the sweet spot you need to skip to if you quickly want someone to hear this track.

Furthermore, starRo and Bosco’s ‘Fantasy’ got it’s video premiere this week through IHEARTCOMIX. It is part of a bigger video project by the ‘geek culture’ blog/label/agency called ‘IHC 1NFINITY’ – a fictional universe where all of IHC’s upcoming video’s will take place. Check out the video below for more on IHC 1NFINITY – it will make viewing the Official Video voor starRo & Bosco’s ‘Fantasy’ a lot more understandable.

The song itself has been out for a while longer, since early september. In the meantime it has gotten support by places such as Earmilk, Fashionably Early and Alfitude. Listen below and watch the Official Video over here.


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