Something nice and easy.

Justin Laberge is a 22-years-old House producer from Vancouver, Canada. His sample based productions, some of them released on local Solid Bump Records, will probably remind you of those early French Cassius, Stardust or Superfunk sounds..
It probably figures, when asked for a small bio his response came down to: ‘vinyl records! vinyls forever!’.. Here’s one of his latest, a Daft Punk remix that would do absolutely no harm to a late night afterparty.
Daft Punk – Something about us (Laberge edit) by laberge
Eyes and ears open, he’s releasing something fresh real soon..

Exclusive little extra.
Thanks to a friend this came to Jackplug: Les Chinois. Not French nor Chinese, these two young musicians come from Holland and this might be the only thing you’ll ever hear from them. Which is too bad really, here’s some proof:
Les Chinois – Too Small by Jackplug


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