Sweet Seventeen.

The hype machine is rattling as more Sky Ferreira material is popping up on the internet. This L.A.-girl is 17, ambitious, backed up by some hot European producers (Who happen to be part of Miike Snow) and her skills are being compared to those of Mariah Carey (and probably Gaga, Madonna, Hannah Montana and so on for miles of corny equasions.)

Enough already. This one production actually sounds good, kinda sounds like Aeroplane which is a big plus. Stevie Nicks fans might not necessarily like this cover, but it’s a stable production. Gotta thank Skeet Skeet for this as he posted it first. He also made a nice Beatles vs. Dr. Dre Mashup together with young Ferreira, which appeared simultaneously on the internet with this Stevie Nicks cover:
Sky Ferreira – Stand Back (Stevie Nicks Cover) by Jackplug
Sky Ferreira promises her upcoming album to be a ‘Revolutionary pop album’. ‘Revolutionary’ and ‘pop(ular)’, contradiction? No judgements just yet. She’s off on a good start, so let’s hear the album first.


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