NEW MUSIC: Skinny Dipp ft. SoundCasino – Keep Chasing Stars

Lovely debut by Australian duo Skinny Dipp that has been on constant repeat for the past week. It’s a smooth track titled ‘Keep Chasing Stars’.

Skinny Dipp is a new duo that consists of Sydney based dj/musician/producer Mike Dotch (also known as The Artful Force) and musician/producer Ant Cooper. Dotch: “Skinny Dipp was formed when we started to share a studio together a while back… We have quite different musical backgrounds that meet beautifully in the middle to create our sound.”

From the looks of it, the background of Mike Dotch is firmly rooted in an Australian house scene. “Over the years I have DJ’ed under the name Mike Dotch, performing in Australia with many big names including Derrick carter, Mark Farina, Bob Sinclar, Dimitri From Paris, Groove Armada and Derrick May.” The Sydney producer has also released music on More Protein (label by Boy George) and City Rockers (Felix The Housecat) – after which Dotch got involved in something else: a reggae funk band. Next to Skinny Dipp, guitarist and fellow band member Ant Brooks is also working on new music for a group called SoundCasino. Recently the group released their new single ‘These Ghosts’ after a long break.

The Skinny Dipp track ‘Keep Chasing Stars’ is sort of a half collaboration between the two; SoundCasino also features NYC-based Australian vocalist Andy Crosby. In short: Dotch is pure Skinny Dipp, Crosby is SoundCasino, Brooks plays in both..

The track itself feels comparable to Empire Of The Sun and the more recently active Midnight Mystery Club. Smooth, good songwriting, the type of track you put on when it’s time to kick back (hopefully somewhere poolside). Beautiful debut!

As for the future, expect more tracks coming out from both Skinny Dipp, SoundCasino as well and Dotch’ solo project The Artful Force. As a group Skinny Dipp have an upcoming EP planning which will also feature more work by SoundCasino: “We have many tracks that will be released over the coming months that we are very excited about so stay tuned.”


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