NEW MUSIC: Nero – Crush On You (Animal Höuse Remix)

Dubstep confession, as it seems to be something that keeps popping up in the blog’s private favorite playlists for years now. Starting this month, we’re keeping a public technical bass list to keep track of great music by artists such as Getter, Zomboy, Wuki and these guys below: Animal Höuse.

Animal Höuse has got some serious love for the sample on this track. It originally came out in 1985 as one of the first releases by The Jets. Ever since, the song has been mixed an covered by artists such as Jackson And His Computer Band, Soulwax, Nero and an ever epic nineties backstreet toddler Aaron Carter. Most people will probably recognize it.

This particular version of that track is more of a remix on a remix though. Florida production group Animal HÖuse refer to Nero’s 2011 version of Crush On You as the original. Which is no surprise as it did pretty well, hitting charts in the UK, Scotland and Belgium in 2011. Compared to the original, the Animal Höuse version is more energetic, twice as noisy and pretty addictive on replay.


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