NEW MUSIC: Miike Snow – Trigger (Midnight Pool Party Remix)

Disco/house track that keeps getting better on replay. Half of the reason for this is Andrew Wyatt’s vocals. The other half of that reason is definitely the smooth production done by Midnight Pool Party.

This Midnight Pool Party remix on Miike Snow’s ‘Trigger’ is currently up as part of a large remix competition. The whole thing is hosted by WAVO, and the judging of the contest is currently in progress. As this remix seemingly did not make it to a top 50 of remixes (through social votes) before the 9th of September, this might very well not be the contender to win the comp. Would be too bad though, MPP really nailed this one. Also, it’s one of the remixes that received the most support by blogs such as Pilerats, Caveman Sound, The French Shuffle, Cloudberry Mornings and Acid Stag.

There’s a little extra info on the WAVO-page for this remix by MPP themselves: “We have been fans of Miike Snow since they released their first album back in 2009. The way they approach their song writing and production is something we admire, and it has influenced the way we approach songwriting as well. When we heard that the stems were available for ‘My Trigger’, we knew this was something we just had to have a go at – give it the MPP touch. We hope everyone enjoys our take on this song, and we hope you feel we’ve done it justice.”

Midnight Pool Party is a duo from Sydney, Australia. Their previous work features some pretty great disco vibes on artists such as Frank Ocean, Daniel Johns and Miami Horror. But Midnight Pool Party has also been working out plenty of original tracks, both as free download as official streaming site releases. Some of their most popular tracks you might want to check out include titles such as Disease, Thinkin Bout You and Linger.

Be sure to follow Midnight Pool Party on Soundcloud. Also, turn up the volume to hear some more stuff from the Midnight Pool Party studio below. The duo have been setting up camera’s while they’re just doing their thing. Which actually looks way more genuine than the average artist vlog or heavily edited aftermovie. Love these little videos:

Featured Image Henrique Fanti


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