NEW MUSIC: Clicks – We’ll Be Fine

Very contagious and well produced new single from New Zealand duo Clicks. The pair is sharing a three track EP titled ‘We’ll Be Fine’.

Clicks is a New Zealand couple, (originally UK) DJ/producer Dick Johnson and vocalist Anna Coddington. Johnson has made a name for himself over the years as Magik J. Some of his best known work includes this collaboration with legendary Ian Pooley and remixes on Foremost Poets and Kids Of 88. Partner and Vocalist Anna Coddington Has worked on albums as a solo artist, titled ‘The Lake’ (2008), ‘Cat & Bird’ (2011) and ‘Luck/Time’ (2016). For reference, some of her best known works are ‘Bird In Hand‘ and ‘Little Islands‘. Next to that, Coddington features on this MEDZ production from 2015. And also worth noting, Johnson and Coddington have two sons together.

Their new single ‘We’ll Be Fine’ is released this week through NZ label Loop Recorings. The whole package also features and extended version and a magnificent remix done by Magik J himself. Next to Johnson and Coddington, additional elements have been played in by the bassist of NZ based band LIPS, as well as vocals from NZ band/vocalist Mulholland.


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