Monday Harvest.

8 new tracks in two days is a good harvest again. Enjoy!

Foes (16 Bit / REL1)
REL1 was featured last week, this week he does it again with an edit of Borgore/16 Bit’s ‘Foes’. As where the original remix is a Dubstep recording, the producer from Atlanta switches it up with some breakbeats.
Download: Borgore – Foes (16 Bit Fuck Hoes Remix) (REL1 Edit)

Reckoner (Leftside Wobble Remix)
Another Radiohead remix, there must be thousands by now. Leftside Wobble did it this time. The name might suggest it, but this is actually not another Dubstep remix.
Download: Radiohead – Reckoner (Leftside Wobble Off-World Excursion)

Kickdrum (Professor Purple Remix)
Lollapalooza launched a very nice remix in which contestants can have a go at Felix The Housecat’s ‘Kickdrum’. The remix featured here was done by Professor Purple. It’s voting week now and if you’d like to help this guy with the contest, go vote here!
Download: Felix Da Housecat- Kickdrum (Professor Purple Remix)

All Quiet (Instrumental)
Something easy now. A nice instrumental with some nice guitar/piano that is somewhere between Hip-hop and Trip-hop. Track was made by Ewan Hoozami, who already has quite a name in the United Kingdom.
Download: Ewan Hoozami – All Quiet (Instrumental)

Daddy Loves Me
Urban Poets are a collective of artists that are signed to the same label, Majestic Entertainment from Orlando. The group is uploading tracks fast lately, so it’s a good idea to check out their Soundcloud page now and then. Here’s one of their tracks.
Download: Urban Poets – Daddy Loves Me

Summertime / Landslide
One of the biggest advantages of Soundcloud must be that it is quite easy to get your paws on material that issn’t signed yet. So you end up finding great fresh names like Haiku, another Dubstep heavyweight from the UK. He’s getting two tracks mentioned.
Download: Haiku – Summertime

Download: Haiku – Landslide

Bulletproof (Glasnost Remix)
And finally there is La Roux, another icon remixed to death. Guess there’s always room for one more remix and thanks go out to Glasnost for sending it over.
Download: La Roux – Bulletproof (Glasnost Remix)


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