Lobot’s Head, Flosstradamus, Radiohead, Amine Edge, Acquarium, Touch Tone

For The Ladies. New Lobot’s Head with Kuno. And Snoop samples. LH keeps coming up with these very sophisticated synth and bass sounds in every track he makes. Loving it. This is part of a Free EP that is out on Diamante Label. Get it.

The second EP in a series of 3 remix EPs by Flosstradamus it out. More of what Flosstradamus basicly invented. Hard Trance with 808 beats. Trap. Still a very fun listen. But this probably won’t last very long.

Still a nice track. But everybody has done this. Literally. Everybody. Gets close to the amount of Gotye, Adele or Levels remixes. Radiohead’s ‘Everything In It’s Right Place’ gets a rework by French producer Amine Edge. Great tool to play out live. Yes, for Djs.

Slick disco track out on Dirty Androids. It’s the Acquarium Remix on ‘Make Believe’ by Touch Tone. Piano’s still seem to do it for these tracks. Smooth. Want more.


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