It came from Chicago.

You know house music. You must, it’s about everywhere nowadays. As ancient history (no, actually Wikipedia) tells us, house music was born in Chicago in a club called The Warehouse.

Since it’s birth in ‘the Miami of Canada’, the genre has grown. It is going all over the place and so there is noticeable difference between subgenres. It’s nice to hear something coming from Chicago that goes back to the roots, if only just a little bit.

Mel Rosario is the one responsible for this oldskool delight. True to it’s roots, yet very well mastered productions. Here’s something for you and your neighbours to enjoy.

You liked that? Then this will keep you entertained for the next hour. Or just download, whatever..

Sound travels a long way. In Petrosani, a town in Romania, Muntean Eugen Manuel is putting up his own little Chicago. With success. Fortunately he realized his name is a bit long, so he just puts ‘Chemars’ on het releases. Those releases do have the same wicked sound as the ones above.


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