Feel The Vibe – Jackplug’s Piano Tool for #scmeetup

Quick little postie because today is Soundcloud Global Meetup Day. All around the world people are getting together to talk about music, have a little jam session or just order and consume rediculous amounts of beer.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to go to any of these meetups. But to join in a little bit on the creativity I quickly threw together a little piano tool that’s up for downloads now..

The acapella in it is taken from Axwell’s ‘Feel The Vibe’, I’m sure most of you know it. If you want just the acapella, look it up on Beatport or iTunes, you’ll be able to buy it there. As for the piano samples, they’re completely free. Have fun with em!

Happy Meetups!



  1. Jake
    June 3, 2011


    That was a filthy sample. Why did the track get taken down? Could you email me the file please? It’s incredible. How did you make that?

    Thanks JackPlug

  2. June 4, 2011

    Let me know if you’re on Soundcloud and I can share it with you :)

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