Extra Cheese.

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes have been around on blogs for a while now. Little over a year ago, they released their debut album ‘Up From Below’ and the group has received a healthy amount of positive reactions to it. The track ‘Home’ is probably the most well-known recording on the album.

It usually happens when a recording gets big, someone has to fabricate a dancefloor friendly version. ‘Home’ is no exception to this. To critics, the idea of dancefloor friendly folk music will probably already sound cheesy. In addition to this, the Australians who made the edit are actually called Fromage Disco. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility that this edit might just work. It just sounds a lot like the original, a bit stretched out and there were some minor changes in the rythm. Alright Fromage Disco, you got away with it this time..


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