Eight One Three, The XX, Four Tet, Wonda, Thicke, Dublin aunts, Azealia Banks, Melo-X

One of those tracks with potential. Somehow it sounds off, probably because of how various instruments are mixed down. Plus, slightly detuned. Still, cannot stop listening to it. Very captivating track. Produced by a Moscow producer named Eight One Three. Have to say, this track is a draft and not the final master. It’s titled ‘Cupruum Tears’ and we’re looking foward to the end result. Wave!

Four Tet versus The XX versus Wonda. The XX track is Angels, remixed by Four Tet. Wonda is a rapper from Chicago, providing the verses on FT’s remix. He does a lot more like this, so follow him on Soundcloud.

Smooth take on Thicke’s ‘Lost Without You’. Dublin Aunts intend it for use during daytime sexy time. But first, in order to get this, like the Dublin Aunts’ Facebook Page.

The production on this. So good. The vocals, better than the original. No big fans of Azealia Banks. But this is great. Maybe because un-Azaelia Banksed, not sure. But, awesome.


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