Cypress Hill, Rusko, Travis Barker, Mustard Pimp, Chris Valentino, Nico Pusch and a New Discotape

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Lez Go (Mustard Pimp remix)
So this is a nice team-up. Rusko on stage together with Cypress Hill and Travis Barker performing their track ‘Lez Go’. The Full EP containing ‘Lez Go’ will be released on the 4th of July. There already is a remix going around before the official release, made by Mustard Pimp. It’s a Big Beat remix, and we’re really happy the Frenchman took it there. Festival season. We just need more. Anyway, this track was a freebie on RCRDLBL. For those who missed it, Mustard Pimp is now handing out downloads himself.

Around The World
German remixer Nico Pusch premiered another one of his ‘Cudderstyle’ edits today. Honestly don’t know what that term is supposed to mean literally. But it basicly comes down to Pusch picking out indie/pop tracks (preferably acoustic) and gluing them to a solid four-on-the-floor rhythm pattern. This track is titled ‘Around The World‘, written by Chris Valentino. It looks like this is an official collaboration, as Pusch titled it ‘Nico Pusch feat. Chris Valentino’ instead of ‘Nico Pusch Bootleg’ or something like that.

New Discotape
Piling up tracks without using them is no good. So after being back for a week we already had enough tracks to make a mixtape. It’s finished. Follow through to the Soundcloud page for a full tracklist. Once again, all tracks are downloadable.


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