Bruce Springsteen, Craig David and more Dinosaurs.

Have some Zoot Woman, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Jesse Rose, Sarah McLeod and The Immigrant. The buttons to pay with a tweet/FB-post finally changed thanks to the people from Innovative Thunder. Another update: you can now make people pay with tweets or Facebook posts using QR-Codes. How awesome is that!

Seven Days
Take this title literally. It’s a giveaway from Zoot Woman. The Brits decided to limit the download to 7 days. After that, this little fun rework on Craig David will not be available anymore.
Download: Zoot Woman – Seven Days

German house music label Made To Play has started a line of free downloads. The project is called ‘Play It Down’ and this track is the third giveaway for the label. It’s Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs ‘Garden’ in a jazzy remix by Jesse Rose.
Download: T.E.E.D. – Garden (Jesse Rose Remix)

Dancing In The Dark
Never thought Bruce Springsteen would ever be mentioned on this blog, but now we have to. Australian Sarah McLeod just released a cover for his track ‘Dancing In The Dark’. To promote the whole thing, a free remix is handed out to anyone who wants it. The Immigrant produced the little gem:
Download: Sarah McLeod – Dancing In The Dark (The Immigrant Remix)

And just to try this, here’s a huge QR-Code for the third track:


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