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Big post. Miss out on a day, have to post everything the next day. Mixmag premiered Breakbot’s new single ‘Another Dawn’, featuring Irfane. This leads up to Ed Banger releasing BB’s new album ‘By Your Side’ next week. The album will feature Breakbot’s recent tracks such as ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Baby I’m Yours’ Brace yourselves, Breakbot shitstorm coming. Probably.

Boiler Room posted this. ‘The Don’ by NAS and ‘Prototype’ by Eprom, mixed into one by Martello. Pretty good example of 1 and 1 is 3. Mashup improves both tracks. So Good.

“I seriously hope you have sex to this song.” Owen Bones is, quote, an ’18 year old DJ/Producer from Chicago with a thing for aggressive music’. Not now. His take on ‘My Boo’ by Ghost Town Dj’s has other, obvious purpose. So there’s your mission for the weekend.

Missed out on How To Dress Well up until now. But now we know How To Dress Well, you will probably hear more about it. Secretly hope we know How To Dress Well better than you. Anyways, it’s a great way to get awesome free music.

Don’t know why this hasn’t been picked up more than it is. Induce is from Miami, and he makes future Soul music. Just feelgood music that works. Watch out for Induce’s album ‘Halfway Between Me And You’,

Guess this is kind of where Justice was going. Electronic influenced seventies symphony rock, with more emphasis on the rock part. Also, this is also French. Chateau Marmont is from Paris. And the video has a very cool atmosphere.


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