Quite A List..

Quite a list! 10 new tracks after a week of blog silence. (mostly due to the summer and some cheap airplane tickets..) Was quite a job to find out what happened this week, hope the result is satisfying.

Sha! Shtil!
It’s terribly hot outside, must be summer. This track somehow fits in with the weather. It’s a strange combination of (German?) chanting females, Dub beats, bongo’s and screaming monkeys. The original is called ‘Gucci Vump – Sha! Shtil!’ and the remixed dub is done by Gonzo Montaña.
Download: Gucci Vump – Sha! Shtil! (Gonzo Montaña’s Wild Jungle Dub)

Dancing On My Own Remix
A little less far-fetched but also great tune: Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’ is (naturally) getting some remix attention as well. One that’s very easy to listen to is the Copycat remix.
Download: Robyn – Dancing on my own (Copycat’s Sundrenched FM Remix)

Dear Mr. Glee
Reich Und Bleich (yeah they are German) made a new synth roller called ‘Dear Mr. Glee’. If this is your thing, it’s definitely worth it to check out the other tracks on their Soundcloud page.
Download: Reich & Bleich – Dear Mr. Glee Club

Acoustic guitars are not very common on this blog, but it’s not impossible to find some here. Exhausted Pipes are an Alternative/Folk/Rock band from Stockton, California. In their biography they describe their music: ‘With a more-than-loud blues-based attack and a more modern folk-rock twist than your average garage band, Exhausted Pipes will get your typical smoky, drunken bar crowd dancing. (Also, they’re just cool down-to-Earth kinda guys).’
Download: Exhausted Pipes – Black/Berry

Swing your Pipes
Must have been done a billion times by now, but almost any given track by Ratatat just works with random rap vocals. Dj Twixx took the liberty to make a mash-up with T.I. lyrics. Need a moment?
Download: Dj Twixx – Swing your Pipes (T.I. vs Ratatat Mash-Up)

That’s about it for the ‘nice’ stuff, time to wake up. Nice way to start with that is Drake, a name that is really hard to miss lately. One of Arizona’s finest dubstep producers Sluggo took the track ‘Over’ and transformed it into something to call his own.
Download: Drake – Over (Sluggo party’s Harder Remix)

I Will
Breakbeats from Russia. Stonewash is a producer from the west of Russia who has been active for some years now. A few days ago he started uploading his tracks to Soundcloud, resulting in an entire list of downloadable Breakbeat tools for mayhem.
Download: Stonewash – I Will

The Island (Dane O’s Dusk Till Dawn Mix)
More breaks by San Fransisco’s Dane O. He takes on both parts of Pendulum’s ‘The Island’ in a breakbeat edit that should definitely be able to get a crowd on their feet. He also writes for Stumblejuice, a very nice blog about Bass music. Go check him out.
Download: Pendulum – The Island (Dane O’s Dusk Till Dawn Mix)

Only Human
This might be one of the best Dubstep/Breakbeat productions on the blog because of it’s subtleness and high quality sound. Thanks to Shem for creating and sharing. Be sure to have some speakers with a wide frequency range for this kind of productions.
Download: Shem – Only Human

And to end a glorious day, have some Lionel Richie. Dubstep producerAlexandre took one track that made everybody switch off the radio at some point in their lives. This is rather nice tough..
Download: Lionel Richie – Hello (Alexandre Remix)



  1. July 13, 2010

    I don’t know… I’d definitely include a track from LSD in there

  2. andrew
    July 19, 2010

    Sooo the link to the Ti vs ratatat song doesnt work after you twit it. How else can i get this track?????

  3. July 23, 2010

    If you go directly to Twixx’s Soundcloud page by clicking on the player, the DL link should be there :)

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