NEW MUSIC: LIONE – Leave This Place

It’s the official debut for STMD RCRDS – besides all of the stuff that label founder Martin Garrix himself has already been releasing on the label. This week California producer LIONE released his first original track through the label, titled ‘Leave This Place’.

Reception to the track looks mainly positive. Although there have been some fair remarks on the track sounding quite similar to music by artists like Porter Robinson. And both in the sound design and the artwork/atmosphere surrounding there are similarities. But as a producer, there’s definitely more to LIONE.

He’s a producer from Los Angeles who has previously been sharing some very impressive remixes on Jack Ü and most notably Purity Ring. Both were published somewhere between nine and twelve months ago and both already sound great in their own way. LIONE is also a Berklee College of Music alum who seems to have his mind set on making quality music with a bigger emphasis on hitting the right nerves instead of simply trying to keep up with current genres.

Releases by LIONE are scarce. Hopefully there will be more (and more different) music soon from the LA producer. In the meanwhile, check out this mix LIONE did for Nest HQ a few months ago. It’s a pretty great listen with different sides of LIONE.

Furthermore the release sheds some light on the kind of label STMPD is going to be. ‘Leave This Place’ sounds different from the recent Martin Garrix releases – a bit further away from EDM hectics, but definitely maintaining a high production quality. And this new LIONE track is also a free download through a social media gate. In sharing music, STMPD RCRDS is going for availability instead of exclusivity. Definitely a good to see in a record label.


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