NEW MUSIC: What So Not – Be OK Again (feat. Daniel Johns)

New directions for What So Not on a new track with Australian vocalist Daniel Johns, titled ‘Be OK Again’.

The project is the first time for Chris Emerson (What So Not) where he features his own vocals. According to What So Not, Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns walked in on a jam session somewhere this year: “Dan seemed intrigued and started joking he had to leave before he decided to cancel his plans and track vocals with us for the next 10 hours. A few days later, he reached out via a mutual friend and invited me up the coast to stay and work with him out of his home studio.”

Both musicians end up working on one song in particular, ‘Be OK Again’: “I was kind of embarrassed to show someone of his calibre as I had written and sung my own topline to feel out the idea. To my surprise, he loved it and not only was he happy to re-sing my parts, he encouraged me to keep my voice on the record.”

Featured Image Jem Cresswell


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