NEW MUSIC: Taska Black – Nothing Lasts (feat. Pauline Herr)

Antwerp based producer Taska Black is sharing one of his new tracks through NYC based independent record label Lowly Palace, titled ‘Nothing Lasts’.

The Belgian producer’s ‘Nothing Lasts’ is a collaboration with LA based singer/musician/graphic designer Pauline Herr. The (what sounds to be repitched) vocals apparently were not supposed to be on the record at first. Taska Black: “I debated singing on it first, but then I found Pauline and I knew she would be the perfect voice for the record to convey the sense of frail yet powerful emotion I was looking for.”

‘Nothing Lasts’ is a further testament of the producer’s excellent ability to capture both power and emotion in his work. “I really wanted to write a song that was definitely emotional, but also open to different interpretations. To me, ‘nothing lasts’ refers to the end of the world or something massive like that, but I think it has equal meaning to the end of a relationship or the death of a friend. All very heavy and emotional.”


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