NEW MUSIC: Young Franco ft. KLP – Talkin’ Bout It (Nuwave & Pastel Remix)

Every once in a while this one house track pops up. It’s a little different than the other good stuff, yet it just needs to go on replay because it is so good. This one below has been on replay for the past few days.

This week that one true remix is a coming together of French/London based musician/producer Pastel and French musician/producer Nuwave. It’s not the first time both appear together on a track – a while ago Pastel managed to remix a collaboration between Nuwave and Middle – but it’s their first remix together.

And the new remix sounds very different as well. Together they rework ‘Talkin’ Bout It’ by Young Franco. The original track came out a year ago for free on Young Franco’s social pages. At the time the Australian producer Young Franco worked together with singer KLP. And it’s already a remarkable house track. The original version mostly draws its strength from those KLP spoken vocals.

Pastel and Nuwave play on the same strengths as the original. First: that memorable vocal performance by KLP. It’s the stuff you’d instantly recognize if it comes up in a live set. Second: the duo stays true to the original house sound by Franco and KLP. Still the remix sounds completely different. In longer sets, this is likely that one track that’ll stand out as being different – that one moment in an hour-and-a-half dj set you’re sure to rememeber. The N&P remix sounds light on its feet, more energetic, a little hectic even. Most importantly, it sounds fresh and new.

The new Nuwave & Pastel remix is being given away through XS, which is part of the same sharing network as La Tropical and other AU sharing channels. Go get it here and be sure to follow Nuwave and Pastel.

Featured Image Jessica Mae / KLP


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