NEW MUSIC: Vérité – Constant Crush (Anden Remix)

Know those little bio text boxes? Instead of putting down actual information, it’s funny how people tend to use those little boxes – have a look at some random profiles on Soundcloud, Instagram or Twitter for reference – to put down some overused quote. ‘Life is about laughing & living’, ‘Live the life you love’ and vice versa, that kind of stuff.

NYC duo Anden’s own bio-prose: ‘Music isn’t about who is on stage, but rather who is in the crowd’. It’s one of those quotes for sure. Still, in a way this one actually makes sense. At least in context with some of the current day music productions that are coming out.

Every other day heaps of new EDM-tracks (in a broad sense of the word, could be anything within the dance genre) get sent over to this site for a post. And even though especially a lot of house stuff does sound really well produced, artists going for ‘radio appeal’ manage to break their own tracks by adding senseless pop/hip-hop elements. ‘Awesome track? Great, let’s sprinkle it with subpar rap vocals!’

But the answer to a good house track is right there in the little piece of Anden bio. It’s a genre that doesn’t necessarily need stage entertainment (such as rap) as a center piece. From its origin in places such as Detroit, Chicago until early days in the white isle, the crowd was always the center piece. House originated from a way of looking at music production that was completely different from pop standards at the time. It’s way more geared towards bass , instrumental storytelling. And a crowd would be there facing each other (or any direction, really), not the stage or some performer up there. In short: club/festival music ≠ radio/Spotify/stage music.

Sticking with the worn-out quotes: ‘well done is better than well said’. In that sense, Anden nails it with this remix on Vérité’s ‘Constant Crush’. Their take on the song is patient, energetic and really well produced. Great match between vocals and the Anden instrumental. Great effort at a proper club track.


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