NEW MUSIC: UrbanAuthorities – Crazy

Very much digging this piano loop. Could very well be something out of a ‘Grant Nelson’ or ‘Rasmus Faber’-like sample bank. That is if this is actually a sample. Might just as well be a Midi-based sequence, or even a little bit of both.

‘Crazy’ is a track by UrbanAuthorities (Liam Rogers), a producer from Birmingham, UK. From the looks of it, Rogers has already caught the attention of Netherlands based label Housepital. Which might mean both of his two most recent track ‘Crazy’ and ‘Baby Baby’ might turn into official releases on the Soest based label. For now, both tracks are still up for grabs though.

Both recordings sound really good. The tracks seem to be not too complex in production (at least, the videos below show only a few instrument tracks. Just for context: some producers hit up to stacks of sometimes a hundred different audio tracks to build up one recording). But that just proves simplicity often works very well.

Also, both tracks sound quite alike in genre choices. Around 130BPM, similar bassline and vocals that are chopped up in a manner that resembles the top layers of old garage tracks. Listen to a preview of ‘Baby, Baby’ below for comparison.

‘Crazy’ takes the cake for best garage/house track we’ve heard in a while though. Have a listen and grab a copy below.

As for live shows, UrbanAuthorities has been doing quite a few dj gigs already, mostly known as house-dj under the name Pulseey. The new moniker sounds more like a new but oldschool garage project. And a recent step up on production holds that much more promise for future UA-tracks. For updates on shows and new track, follow UrbanAuthorities.


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