NEW MUSIC: Taska Black – Leave Me

Taska Black felt like a familiar name. He’s an Antwerp based producer. And turns out, he’s the one who produced one of yours truly’s favorite trap anthems before this blog went on a little hiatus last year.

Just about a year ago Taska Black published ‘Right Now’ and what’s so great about it is that, much like recent work from SNAVS and GANZ, it manages to be based on a solid melody progressions instead of some monotonous flow on big 808 bassdrums. Many producers have been doing it, but only few tracks are as memorable as this one.

This new track ‘Leave Me’ works in a similar way. It’s a big, solid trap session. But Taska Black weaves a good chord progression throughout the track that goes well with a simple vocal sample that pops up every now and then. This is what separates good producers from amazing musicians, great track!


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