NEW MUSIC: Sparrows – Get To Know You

Probably the hardest part of going through the daily bulk of track submissions is listening to down tempo songs. The slow stuff just takes longer to listen to, in order to really hear if it’s something worth putting on replay. Just makes it a bit harder to appreciate – and quite a few of them also tend to be a little superficial, not very original and often a little too melodramatic. In short: the slow stuff usually sucks.

But being proven wrong by that one track that makes up for the bulk of mediocre love songs is awesome. And going into the first seconds of Sparrow’s ‘Get To Know You’ is great. The first synths sound like someone really put effort in making them sound good and different. Same goes for the rest of the instrumental. Twelve seconds in, singer/producer Jessica Nitties shows her voice. Perfect vocal. But it’s not just that.

Many other slow tracks that are being sent here sound like they’re made to sound like something that’s already out. Most of the time songs borrow elements from other, mostly successful tracks. Which is fine, but different borrowed elements often don’t play well together. Or they get mashed up with other instruments or vocals that don’t match the same tone or quality. Most of the time the result is as uneasy as it is unoriginal. There’s just a lot of little traps like this for musicians writing music.

The Sparrows project just sounds like it is way past these things. Everything sounds unique, well written, well produced. And every little detail sounds very well thought over, everything comes together really well on this track. On what looks like her first track this year, Sparrows is just one hell of an artist to get to know about. Hopefully there will be more new material soon.

Featured Image Sparrows


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