NEW MUSIC: RL Grime – Core (TRAILS Flip)

Nice way to flip. This new remix by TRAILS just becomes that much more interesting when put in a side by side comparison with the original. Which is RL Grime’s 2014 track ‘Core’.

TRAILS – those who have been paying attention may already recognize the name – is a German producer who is mostly known for his work on his own track ‘Crying In The Shadows’ as well as remixes on Goldroom, Flume and Mothica.

His tracks have been picked up by large channels such as RunTheTrap and Mr.Suicidesheep. And some of TRAILS’ reworks even crossed over to more mainstream radio shows such as Oliver Helden’s and Diplo’s. The German’s most recent track is a remix on RL Grime. ‘Core’ was part of the L.A. producer’s debut album ‘Void’ which came out on WeDidIt:

Up above the original for reference. RL Grime’s spectacle piece mostly relies on an instrumental track that’s pretty, well… monotonous. At least when it comes to musicality. Yet the buildups work well and the producer’s sound choices work brilliantly. Which makes ‘Core’ one of the better tracks on the 2014 RL Grime album ‘Void’ which was a great album by itself. Also, having an eye candy video like that one helps a lot.

The way TRAILS goes ahead to remix RL Grime makes his version just that much more interesting. There’s no actual chord progression to work with, so TRAILS makes one for himself. The main line from the original gets modulated so it works with the new chords. And to top it all off: glorious cowbells. TRAILS’ ‘Core’ flip is not the same tool to heat big venues to boiling points – the RL Grime original does that. TRAILS’ flip takes a more surprising and subtle approach, which makes it stand out much more than many other remixes so far.

Featured Image RL Grime / Rodrigo Díaz (cc)



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