NEW MUSIC: Rambo V – So Good to See You

Two weeks ago Rambo V shared this little gem with the world. ‘So Good To See You’ is one of those house tracks that just stands out.

Most of the Music that passes through different inboxes daily is very song based. Intro, verse, verse, refrain, repeat, repeat, outro. It’s a radio format and it’s nice on the ear. Music makes listeners feel good through those things, they set up anticipation and reward, a certain sense of knowing what’s to come. In that sense, singing along for instance becomes the equivalent of constantly getting all the right answers on a quiz. Feels good, our brains are rewarding us with dopamines. This also shows itself through constant buildups in current EDM-affiliated music – buildups and drops, little anticipation-based dopamine bombs that seem to be the highlight of any mixset.

These anticipation related formats do however have an effect on creativity. Things tend to get a little boring after having listened to the same order of events over and over. Most of the music sent to this blog had that radio-friendly song buildup, and sometimes, the predictability of that messes with the fun of listening a little.

Which is what makes this track stand out. It’s more of a club format. Which means it’s more repetitive, sure, but it’s also less predictable. Which just makes it that much nicer to listen to in the long run.


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