NEW MUSIC: Pomona Dream – Easy Raider

If anything good ever came from Soundcloud’s copyright notifications, it has to be Pomona Dream. The Swedish duo is sharing a silky new track this week, titled ‘Easy Raider’.

The story of the duo’s early beginnings apparently starts when Gothenburg based producer Dan Ribbs starts receiving notifications about singer Sandra Bang getting credit for his music. The same happens vice versa. It ultimately leads to both artists contacting eachother, meeting up, and suddenly making five tracks in the first week of knowing eachother. Ribbs ends up moving to Stockholm to live with he vocalist. Within three years, the duo Pomona Dream has gotten support from Indie Shuffle, KCRW, Loudersoft and many more. Their best known works include ‘Gladdic Wox‘ and ‘The Box

On their new single ‘Easy Raider’, Pomona Dream sets a laidback vibe of luxury. The duo blends hiphop and pop with very distinguishable jazz and bossa nova influences. Enjoy below.


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