NEW MUSIC: Nonsens x Holly – 2 Kill a Stage

Not the usual noise here and already a few months old. Still, definitey worth sharing. Be sure to go check out some of both Nonsens and Holly’s new stuff as well.

For the past months a ‘technical’ bass playlist has been part of the Jackplug curated playlists on Soundcloud – next to a ‘manstream’ bass list. The divide is pretty much along he same lines as House Music. There’s Mainstream House (more focused on songs/melodies) and techhouse (built on rhythm, more experimental sounds and club/festival setttings). Make the same divide for bass music and you basically find most ‘Future Bass’-labeled music in the mainstream list and most Dubstep in the technical list.

This is personal preference, but ‘2 Kill A Stage’ must be one of the best – if not the best – track to find it’s way into the technical bass list in the past few months. Mandatory listening for anyone who’s into rougher shades of bass music.

Featured image Nonsens


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