Powerful new single from Stockholm based group NONONO titled ‘Lost Song’. According to NONONO on social media, the song brings good news: “It was the start of a new process that in the end led to us making a new album.”

NONONO already has an impressive list of accomplishments to take into account. The Swedish trio, comprised of Tobias Jimson (Astma), Michel Flygare (Rocwell) and Stina Wäppling is probably best known for their single ‘Pumpin Blood‘. The song landed the group a peformance on Jimmy Kimmel’ Tonight Show, as well as being able to tour with different artists such as Twenty One Pilots and Foster The People.

After their success, NONONO took an 18 months break. Astma and Rocwell got catapulted straight into the studio again to work with different artists – think Madonna, Maroon 5, Tove Lo and Zara Larsson. Stina Wäppling has taken a different route by traveling through India, Sri Lanka and Bali. Upon return, the singer began finishing her master in psychology as well as getting back together to work with both NONONO producers again.

Wäppling: “Tobias played the track for ‘Lost Song’ to me in the car when I had just returned from India and I remember feeling really stunned by the fact that it mirrored a lot of the feelings and emotions that had surrounded me in that country so far from home. The song is about losing and regaining trust in life. Having the cornerstones of my belief system crushed but finding trust in the basics of being, like being a tree or the way a child just is. To me this is a very powerful and healing feeling and I hope it can reach and translate to anyone who is listening.”


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