NEW MUSIC: Newtimers – Game Over

Swedish RnB/pop duo Newtimers are presenting their new yet long-in-the-making single ‘Game Over’ today, together with label Cosmos Music.

The two – Andreas Brutton (vocals) Cavaco and Tim Lundblad (drums/production) – have been around and working together since 2004. They have worked with various other artists such as The Magician, CAZZETTE, Saturday Monday and Vanessa Falk. Some of their best known original tracks include ‘Best Of Me‘ and ‘She’s A Gun‘ – with that last one being (sort of) re-released in 2016. The same seems to be the case for Newtimers’ new ‘Game Over’, which seems to be a new version of the same tracks from their 2013 ‘EGO EP’ which was released through Rec Rec Records. The EP disapeared from most online music channels over the years while it held some truly brilliant songs; so here’s to hoping songs like ‘January Love’ and ‘Heavy Weather’ will find their way back to those channels via re-release also.

Newtimers’ ‘Game Over’ is a song about superficiality: “We were both dating models around the same time, both of them living for the lens and all that’s portrayed in pictures. We didn’t fit into the frame and neither did they actually, all you really saw was ego. Fakeness got real. We broke up. And it resulted in Game Over.”


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