NEW MUSIC: Mookhi – Foul Play

Brilliant debut track by Sydney based beat maker / bedroom producer Olympia Henshaw. The 22 year old Australian producer gets together with vocalist Billy Fox for a sublte beauty of a single titled ‘Foul Play’.

‘Foul Play’ was born on a flight where Henshaw says she was ‘butchering’ some of the piano chords. The track idea grew to be a detailed project, including lots of different effects and recorded sounds – some of which apparently got recording on that certain flight as well. Back home, Henshaw took the project to vocalist Billy Fox who came up with the lyrics. In turn, those lyrics inspired the official video:

Soon more Mookhi music will be unveiled. The producer is backed by Rare Finds on an EP launch which will happen on February 24th in Sydney (RSVP here). Here’s a promising preview of some of her opcoming new tracks:

Featured image Mookhi


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