NEW MUSIC: Mickey Valen ft. LYRE – Who Do You Love

This already did quite well for the obvious reason. Mickey Valen is a talented producer. ‘Who do You Love’ came out two weeks ago (sure, we’re catching up after the fact again) and it has gotten some great support from big Youtube channels (seeing Chill Nation is supporting) and sites such as Caveman Sound, Wonky Sensitive and Going Solo.

Vocals on all of Valen’s recent tracks have been impeccable, thanks to the work of many talented singers such as singer/writer duo LYRE. But it doesn’t sound like it’s just the New York based producers’ talent for picking ace vocalists. Each and every single produced by Valen have been highlight for both the singers on there as well as the producer himself. There’s a certain way Valen is able to work together with all kinds of different vocalists that consistently turns out the same way: absolutely excellent.


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