NEW MUSIC: Luminaut – Treehouse

A little older, but definitely one of the more interesting tracks to come out on Eton Messy’s own record label lately. Luminaut is a Stockholm, Sweden based producer who according to the EM-bio over at Soundcloud is into ‘organic atmospheres and warm drum sounds, dreamy vibes and simple melodies’.

Which is probably as much as saying ‘tropical’ without using the actual word. However there’s another track up on Luminaut’s own page that gives a better perspective on what his music is. Check out ‘Hallway’, a dreamy bass track that has nothing of the tropical genre that pretty much has had the life played out of it in the past few years. It’s just a really good instrumental track that – like ‘Treehouse’ – doesn’t seem too concerned with radio elements such as vocals or hooks. That idea, between many other house tracks on Soundcloud in the past few months, is more refreshing than it probably should be.

‘ Treehouse‘ is more of an excursion into actual house territory. Luminaut puts up a really good melodic house track without bumping into overused features. Not a cut and pitched vocal sample or tropical/future house marimba in sight. The Swedish producer just delivers as promised: organic atmospheres and warm, dreamy sounds. And one of the best basslines we’ve heard in recent house music.

Judging from both ‘Hallway’ and ‘Treehouse’, Luminaut is an experienced producer. Most likely it’s another moniker for a Swedish producer who has probably already had his fair share of releases on other names or as behind-the-scenes music producer (Özgür Can, is that you?). But it’s all just speculation. Other than the stuff above, it’s mind-blowing how little information there is about Luminaut. Follow the Swedish producer on Soundcloud and Facebook. Let’s hope there’s more music and more info soon.

Featured Image Luminaut


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