NEW MUSIC: Lucian ft. Sleeper – Follow (Dulsae Remix)

Perhaps it’s a strange thing to say about a producer but simply the best feature from pretty much every past Lucian track has to be the vocals.

Which isn’t even intended to be a critique of Lucian’s work. The New York based producer has been making some really, really good originals and remixes in the past year. The thing is that – and we’ve been telling quite a few producers this – there is a huge crowd of producers who are all working on the same type of bass music simultaneously. Trying to filter trough a massive pile of bass tracks daily means saying no to a lot of good productions while only the most exceptional track get the green light.

Which is exactly what makes this Dulsae remix that much more interesting. The vocals (for which this time Lucian teamed up with Sleeper (picture above)) are good. The Dulsae track underneath shares traits with some mainstream music as well, but still feels that much more unique – making the track as a whole refreshing, just that much more memorable.


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