NEW MUSIC: Kult Kyss – I Am One

Most outstanding dance track that came in over the weekend. Melbourne duo Kult Kyss are presenting their fourth single to date, ‘I Am One’.

Kult Kyss is the name of the collaboration between Claire Rayner (Rromarin) and Jack Arentz (Haxx). The duo has already shared some impressive material this year, hitting their most plays with debut single ‘Get Up Boy’. As vocalist Rromarin, Rayner has previously worked with artists such as Jordan F, LUCIANBLOMKAMP and Mazde. Arentz has been producing under different monikers, making well received projects under names such as Haxx, I Know Leopard and War Is Over.

What’s also notable about Kult Kyss is that before the project’s first release, Rayner and Arentz made waves as another duo called De̊ǰa. The duo received support from blogs such as iheartmusiq, Repeat Button and The Revue a few years ago. To get to know this previous project, be sure to check out outstanding tracks such as ‘Heart‘ and ‘Heavy Water‘.

As Kult Kyss, the Melbourne duo sounds like they’ve grown to make bold music that just naturally wins a listner’s attention. They’ve gained more support from tastemakers such as Indie Shuffle and The 405. ‘I Am One’ is a recording that becomes increasingly better on replay, with a vocal track similar to acts like Fever Ray or The Knife. Enjoy below.


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