NEW MUSIC: Kauf – A Ruin

This new track by Kauf has everything we haven’t been posting in the past months. It’s a patient one, just don’t skip and let it play out for a couple of times.

The track – ‘A Ruin’ – was posted by Kauf a few days ago. And pretty much like most of the deeper house and techno stuff we hear and like: it takes its time to build up slowly, with a complete disregard of any sort of ‘radio’ format. The complete song takes more than six minutes to play out and every element is subtly introduced. Furthermore, the vocals provided by Kauf feel very natural and just perfect for that droning, beautifully produced and detailed instrumental track below.

The track isn’t built on just one single concept (just a loop that goes on for a few bars) that just repeats itself with a few breaks thrown in between. Kauf’s music seems to be continuously evolving and working towards a bigger musical climax in the end. There’s definitely a difference between the usual well producing musicians we hear often, and real artists who make incredible productions like this. Kauf belongs to that second group.

Featured Image Kauf


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