NEW MUSIC: Julian Calor – I Choose You

Throughout the past few months Dutch producer Julian Calor has been handing out a surprising batch of his own productions through Soundcloud/Toneden. Even if you’re not a fan of the Hardwell/Revealed big room sound, Revealed-signee Calor is worth adding to your to-watch list.

Julian Calor’s Soundcloud page is full of little gems like ‘I Choose You’ (the track below). It’s not just finished tracks, but different samples and drafts that go way beyond what’s considered to be a mainstage sound. Calor is playing around with the future bass genre – sure, as are many other EDM-producers – but there’s more to the tracks by the young producer from Wageningen.

Amongst his most recent tracks you’ll find some straight-forward mainstage recordings such as ‘Fly’ and bass anthems such as ‘We All Need A Friend’, ‘Particles’ and ‘Liberation’. But things get even more interesting through more experimental tracks such as a mesmerizing ‘Desperation’. There are even more drafts there that go far beyond what can be considered as clichés of EDM’s copy-paste production culture. The Dutch producer is purposefully creating new original works.

As stated before by Calor: “I want to show people I’m not just one-dimensional as an artist. With so many DJ’s/Producers just regurgitating the same kind of sound and the scene becoming saturated with similar sounding tracks and not really moving forward, I wanted to take a step back from it all and undertake a project that allowed me to express myself freely for a while.”

On that note, the Dutch producer started ‘Involve’, a follow up project to his Revealed album ‘Evolve’. The project is based on creative drafts and samples uploaded to social media channels by Calor himself. Fans get to choose which samples and drafts are going to be finished by Calor.

What’s even more interesting is that the finished tracks are free to download. Calor is giving them away under a Creative Commons license. Users are able to share and remix the tracks, provided that they give credit to Calor for his work. ‘Involve’ feels like a project that is very well thought through, and each and every track that comes out of it sounds brilliant.

Featured Image Julian Calor


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