NEW MUSIC: Human Buoy – Roses

A surprising ‘Roses’ is the first thing you’ll hear off of Human Buoy’s new upcoming album. The Perth based band is planning to release the new album somewhere in early 2018.

The first single ‘Roses’ was premiered on Australia’s Triple J before the weekend. According to the band’s social pages it has been described as: “…like Bowie met with Daft Punk and they used computers together.” – which makes zero sense when listening to the first fifty seconds of Human Buoy’s ‘Roses’. Be sure to have a listen after the 0:50 mark for some Daft Punk/psych rock/Bowie/MGMT action – has to be one of the best sounds this week!

Human Buoy is a project by Ben McDonald. On stage the Australian songriter and guitarist is joined by Sam Maher (drums) and Steve Macchiaverna (bass). In the past years the band has earned their share of spotlight with impressive songs such as ‘Fields‘ and ‘Anvils‘, as well as an album in june this year titled ‘Animation Station’.

The Australian band’s song ‘Roses’ is out as (very) early preview currently. The song will hit Spotify and radio stations in November. Listen to the early preview below.


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