NEW MUSIC: Grace – Coffee (Jesse Javan Remix)

There’s a certain sense of laziness when yet another producers puts a few simple house beats under yet another singer-songwriter. It feels boring, as if a beatmaker is merely hitching a ride on someone else’s creativity. It’s pretty lame, and it happens more often than you’d think.

On top of that, tropical house increasingly feels like it has become stagnant. Many producers have a go at the ideas that together loosely make up a genre. Almost none of them truly seem to improve or innovate the concept. It almost sounds like producers are copying each others’ production templates. And yes, that gets boring after a while.

This track right here does both the singer/songwriter piggyback ride and the tropical house beat. But San Diego producer Jesse Javan is here to prove that that’s not necessarily a bad thing. More precisely, this remix on Sony-signed pop singer Grace’s ‘Coffee’ is really, really good.

But then, Jesse Javan is no stranger to making proper productions himself. The San Diego producer has been putting out his fair share of original tracks, as well as a very diverse set of house remixes on artists such as The Beautiful Girls, Blackstreet and Andreas Moe, The Isley Brothers… I could go on for a while. Go check out his work on Soundcloud, there’s around two hours op really well produced music up there.

All of this makes the Javan ‘Coffee’ remix a great example of a remix that actually makes the original a bit better. There’s more going on beneath the original track than just a few additional beats. For example, there are some subtle synths in the blend as well. And Jesse Javan does a stellar job on putting the extra elements in the mixdown without bringing the whole track out of balance. Big fan of this remix, it needs to be played a lot more!

Featured Image Grace


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