NEW MUSIC: Gallant – Bourbon (Onda Remix)

Gallant’s original ‘Bourbon’ has already been doing quite well since early this year on Youtube, Spotify and what not. For those in need of a spiced up version, Onda provides.

Onda is a duo from Los Angeles – Sam Wishkoski and Stevie Cheung – who have previously worked out remixes for Snakehips, THEY. and Parcels. Other than getting between 50.000 and 100.000 plays per remix on Soundcloud, there’s isn’t that much information about them. But it looks like they’ve made the right connections. On friday the duo delivered another remix, this time on Warner Music Group for what looks to be a revival of 2004/2007 pop singer JoJo.

Next to releasing on Warner, recent Onda remixes on They. and Gallant seem to be able to stay alive on Soundcloud thanks to management/label/publisher/overall creative hub Mind Of a Genius. The duo has also been working with Nest HQ for premiering another remix of their on Snakehips. And they’ve released that official remix on Parcels’ Herefore, which came out on Kitsuné this summer.

As you might expect from an artist sounding that good and being that well connected, Onda has been around a bit longer under different names. They are (or have been) Swish (Sam Wishkoski) and Tele Fresco (Stevie Cheung). A few examples: as Swish, Wishkoski previously worked with LA label Stones Throw (on a project that also featured Mayor Hawthorne) and Minneapolis based Rhymesayers Entertainment (various Brother Ali tracks). Tele previously released an entire album back in 2013 titled ‘Love Letters’, which turns out to be (part of) an entire audio-visual experiment.
As Onda, Cheung and Wishkoski take a dancehall approach with each remix they make. Which has been sounding good for each remix that has come out this summer. Make sure to follow Onda for more to come.

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