NEW MUSIC: Fakear – Silver (Zimmer Remix)

There’s hearing the next tropical track – yet another one – and quickly passing on to the next one. And then every once in a while there is immediately getting back to the previous track again. Because however oversaturated the genre is, that tropical track just sounded too damn good.

First of all the original version of ‘Silver’ by Fakear and Rae Morris is already really good. The video is something to just sit and watch, everything looks and sounds amazing. But where the original Fakear instrumental feels like maybe it could’ve been a bit more, this Zimmer adds just what it needs.

The French, Paris based producer touch is pretty subtle. Nothing happens to the vocals by Rae Morris. But there’s some extra stuff going on in the beat. Nothing to fill it up too much, just some little touches to add some extra rhythm. Most notably it’s the synths on top of the track that give the Fakear track a little more warmth to it.

This is where a producer such as Zimmer stands out from a very long list of other names within the genre. Many songs get remixed, but a lot of tracks feel a little uneasy or unbalanced. It’s only in a rare few cases that a remix is pulled of as well as this one.

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