NEW MUSIC: Dillistone – Forget About Me

Great collaboration between Danish musician/vocalist Dillistone and Italian musician/vocalist LILI N, titled ‘Forget About Me’.

‘Forget About Me’ is a duet, and not the first collaboration for Boston based Lilian Caputo (LILI N) and London/Berlin based Morten Aamodt (Dillistone). Both performers appeared before on tracks such as ‘Rude‘ and ‘Don’t Know Why‘. Dillistone’s own list of best known work includes solo songs such as ‘Sad & High‘,’Sober‘ and a remix on Dua Lipa. For LILI N, be sure to check out her recent solo track ‘Get Me‘. Their new joint effort in being released through Berlin based label Mag Musik.

The duet is a song written by both musicians together in Rome. It’s a song about insecurity, the love for a person, love for one self – basically it’s just about warning a person to not get involved in a relationship because of the singer’s own insecurity. Enjoy below.


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