NEW MUSIC: Cloudchord – Golden XO

There’s just something very classy about this track by Cloudchord. Some sort of mellow buying-either-jewelry-or-MDMA kind of vibe. ‘Golden XO’ does seem like a fitting title.

It’s the latest production by Cloudchord. He’s received support by Of Monsters and Men (remix contest winner) and Pete Tong (air time). Up until now, Cloudchord has been receiving support through making remixes. Which is wat makes ‘Golden XO’ just a bit more special. Apparently it’s the first true original recording by Cloudchord. Which is actually quite a surprise.

In short, Cloudchord is a producer from Austin, Texas. He’s also a guitarist, which is something
(when done right) that adds an extra dimension to live shows. And from the looks of it, this is what Cloudchord does quite well. At least for this track, the different guitar layers come out really well:

It’s not the first time Cloudchord is getting quite a few features on a track. Next to his competition winning Of Monsters And Men remix, Cloudchord managed to get quite a few plays on other remixes as well. Most notably, his take on Matoma and Astrid S’ ‘Running Out’, Ember Island’s ‘Need You’ and Jamie XX’ ‘Loud Places’. All very solid remixes.

From both his sound and that list of remixes it’s pretty obvious the Austin producer is an experienced producer and musician. Be sure to follow Cloudchord over here, hopefully there will be some more Cloudchord originals coming our way soon.

Featured Image Cloudchord


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