NEW MUSIC: Blind Benny – Magic

Even though Soundcloud says this track was uploaded five months ago, from the looks of it there hasn’t been much buzz around ‘Magic’ by NYC duo Blind Benny. Maybe there should have been.

The name Blind Benny revolves around Jade and Johnathan Carmelli. Before there was Blind Benny all the work went into an act around the lead singer called ‘Jade♥’. In 2010 the duo started working under their current moniker. They’ve been known mostly by their own work ‘Prisoner’ as well as a Different Sleep remix on their song ‘No Honor’.

Other than that, the duo hardly surpasses a few thousand plays per track on both Youtube and Soundcloud. Which, considering how great this sounds, it pretty hard to believe. Hopefully there will be more new material soon.

Featured Image Blind Benny


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